Is birdnesting the right solution for your custody concerns?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Child Custody

One of the most complex issues parents face when walking through a divorce is determining how this process will impact their children. You know that the end of your marriage will affect your kids, but you may be unsure of the full extent of these effects on their long-term mental and emotional health. As a result, you will want to do everything possible to protect their interests by making practical and sustainable custody decisions.

Each family is different, and the choices you make for yours are based on factors that are specific to your individual situation. For some, this means choosing a birdnesting custody arrangement. Birdnesting refers to a specific parenting time rotation that allows the children to remain in one home instead of traveling back and forth. Supporters of this type of plan claim that it can be beneficial for kids, especially those that may struggle with change.

How does it work?

In a birdnesting custody arrangement, parents will take turns in the home in which the kids will reside. By allowing the kids to remain in their home, it can reduce disruption in their daily lives and allow them to have a sense of security and stability. They will only need to have one set of clothing, one place to sleep and one house to call home, which some think may be helpful after a divorce. When it is their designated parenting time, one parent will rotate into the home and live with the kids.

One of the main complications of birdnesting is that it requires each parent to have a separate residence outside of the home where the kids live. This can be expensive and cumbersome, and it may not be sustainable long-term. Some Oklahoma families that choose birdnesting view this type of arrangement as a temporary solution as the entire family adjusts to post-divorce circumstances.

Your family’s interests

There is no perfect solution for child custody. You will benefit from seeking insight from a professional that can help you pursue terms that are meaningful and sustainable long-term. If you are unsure of how birdnesting could benefit you or whether you should pursue a different route for your custody matters, it can be helpful to first seek an assessment of your unique situation.