What mistakes could impact your estate planning efforts?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2024 | Estate Planning

One of the main reasons to consider creating an overall strategy for your future legal and financial needs is for the purpose of having the final say over what happens to your property. While you cannot predict the future, you can have a measure of control over certain matters by creating a complete and thorough estate plan. As you do this, it may be helpful to be aware of common mistakes sometimes made by Oklahoma adults creating their plans that can lead to difficulties in the future.

In some cases, people are unaware of the mistakes that are in their estate plans until it is too late to rectify them. Mistakes are sometimes unknown until it is time for loved ones to settle the estate in the future, and they are then unsure of how to honor the wishes of the decedent. By knowing what the most common estate planning mistakes are, it is easier to avoid them and protect your own interests.

Protect yourself by avoiding these missteps

Mistakes in your estate plan could lead to much more than a simple inconvenience for your loved ones. They could result in unexpected costs, legal complications and other issues that could lead to your assets ending up in the wrong place. Thankfully, avoiding estate planning mistakes is simple with careful planning and awareness. You will want to avoid the following missteps:

  • Waiting too long to make important financial decisions that could benefit you and your heirs in the future.
  • Not updating your plan as necessary after major life changes, such as a divorce, remarriage and more.
  • Not updating your beneficiary designations on certain accounts, or having conflicting beneficiary designations on accounts.
  • Failure to properly consider the tax implications of certain estate planning decisions for yourself and your heirs.
  • Making your child a joint owner of assets instead of being more prudent with how you transfer ownership of property.

If you are unsure of whether your estate plan has any mistakes or you are unsure of where to begin with creating your strategy, you will benefit from seeking professional guidance. It is important to have these plans in place as soon as possible as life is unpredictable, and you will want complete and accurate plans ready in order to face an uncertain future with confidence.