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Are You Or Your Child’s Other Parent Relocating?

At Lily Debrah Cruickshank & Associates, PLLC, our full-service family law firm’s founder welcomes the opportunity to assist with any post-judgment revision of responsibilities caused by remarriage, out-of-state job opportunities or the need for specialized health care available only outside Oklahoma. Oklahoma City parental relocation attorney Lily Debrah Cruickshank brings nearly 20 years of experience and a tradition of individualized attention to your legal goals. In any matter that impacts a primary or secondary custodial parent and family after divorce, her guidance is based on a deep belief in pursuing the best interests of the child.

Caring And Cohesive Help With Relocation Disputes

Are you concerned that your former spouse’s relocation plans are actually an attempt to move the child you share out of state and deprive you of visitation rights? Do you have a legitimate reason for leaving Oklahoma with your child, such as a job opportunity or a military transfer? When a former spouse is moving out of state due to a business or military move, and child custody modifications to a divorce settlement agreement are necessary, Ms. Cruickshank can help you with the legal side of requesting or contesting this kind of post-judgment modification.

Ask Questions And Discuss Your Needs Today

You should discuss your objectives with Lily Debrah Cruickshank during an initial consultation at our law office or through a virtual appointment. Contact us by calling locally in Greater Oklahoma City at 405-694-4309 or toll free at 866-383-1814. You can also reach us by email.