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An Ally As You Navigate Adoption

Looking to expand your family? Let Lily Debrah Cruickshank & Associates, PLLC, help make your dreams come true. Attorney Cruickshank has nearly 20 years of experience serving the individuals and families of the Oklahoma City region.

Assistance Through Every Form Of Domestic Adoption

As a reliable family law attorney, Lily Debrah Cruickshank can assist you with a step-parent adoption. A step-parent adoption gives you the opportunity to adopt your spouse’s children. Consent of the biological parent is not necessary if that biological parent has not provided financial support or maintained a relationship with child for 12 out of 14 months preceding your filing of the petition for adoption.

At Lily Debrah Cruickshank & Associates, PLLC, we can also assist you with a single parent adoption. Thinking of adopting your brother or sister’s children, because your sibling is not in the position to take care of them? We can assist you with a relative adoption.

Do you have a church member who is currently pregnant and is unable to care for the baby? Are you thinking about adopting her baby once the baby is born? Call us at Lily Debrah Cruickshank & Associates, PLLC, and we can assist in making your dreams a reality. If adoption is not the right fit, we can also discuss petitioning for guardianship.

Talk To An Adoption Attorney Who Can Help You

To schedule an initial consultation with Ms. Cruickshank, please call us locally at 405-694-4309, toll-free at 866-383-1814 or send us an email. We can meet with you in-person or virtually.