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The Experience Needed To Handle Uncontested Divorce With Ease

A simple divorce is a divorce without court hearings to decide child support, child custody and alimony responsibilities. If you and your spouse are united in the decision to end your marriage, your uncontested divorce agreement can be smoothly and inexpensively executed by a caring family lawyer who truly cares about your future. In Oklahoma City, that uncontested divorce attorney is Lily Debrah Cruickshank.

At the divorce and family law offices of Lily Debrah Cruickshank & Associates, PLLC, our law firm’s founder provides smooth guidance from start to finish of the legal process. She has almost 15 years of experience and comprehensive command of Oklahoma divorce law, and she provides personalized service that will comfort you today and in the years ahead.

Uncontested Divorce In Oklahoma: A Smoother Separation

An uncontested divorce, also known as a dissolution of marriage, occurs when both spouses agree on all aspects of severing ties. Examples include financial elements, such as spousal support (alimony) and property division, and child-focused matters like custody and support.

Initiating an uncontested divorce is relatively simple: create a settlement agreement, file the divorce petition and await the court’s attention. Including the following documents can help prevent unnecessary delays:

  • Marital settlement agreement outlining the division of assets, debts and other agreed-upon terms
  • Financial affidavits providing a transparent account of each spouse’s economic situation
  • Custody schedule and child support worksheet (if you share children)
  • Parenting plan and visitation schedule (if you share children)

These documents form the cornerstone of a mutual agreement, facilitating a smooth and cooperative divorce process.

Oklahoma City Uncontested Divorce: How Long Does It Take?

Many uncontested divorces are finalized quickly, but it would be irresponsible to offer an exact time frame. It depends on each situation.

The keys to a speedy divorce are transparency and no disagreements. For couples without minor children, uncontested divorces could be resolved after a mandatory 10-day waiting period. With minor children involved, a 90-day waiting period applies to ensure child-related decisions are well-considered.

Legal Separation Vs. Uncontested Divorce In Oklahoma

Getting a divorce is not the only way to address an unhappy marriage. Legal separation is an option in Oklahoma, but it is not the same as a divorce, contested or not.

  • A legal separation allows spouses to live apart, manage finances separately and potentially establish child custody arrangements while remaining legally married.
  • An uncontested divorce permanently dissolves the marriage and comes with a decree containing terms both parties must follow.

A legal separation may be the ideal choice if you are unsure about divorce or have religious objections. Otherwise, an uncontested divorce can offer a clean break for spouses on the same page.

Cohesive Support For Your Divorce Concerns

Lily Debrah Cruickshank works hard to resolve every aspect of your uncontested divorce proceedings, including:

If you are a military service member getting a divorce or if you prefer a legal separation to a divorce, our full-service Oklahoma City law firm can help.

Learn More About Options For Uncontested Divorce

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