Is an uncontested divorce the right option for you?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Divorce

There are many different approaches you can take as you navigate the process of ending your marriage. There is no cookie-cutter solution to divorce concerns, but that does not mean that your divorce must go to court and that you will definitely have to go through a contentious battle in order to finalize your divorce. In fact, it is possible to get through this process in a way that will allow you to avoid many of the difficult things often associated with divorce. 

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are in agreement on most matters related to your divorce, it is possible that you could seek an uncontested divorce. This simply means that there are no remaining divorce matters between the two of you that you need to resolve. While not an option for everyone, it is possible that this is a reasonable option for your specific divorce. 

Understanding eligibility for an uncontested divorce 

Just because you want to make your divorce as simple as possible does not mean that you will be automatically eligible for an uncontested divorce. In order to file, you must meet Oklahoma residency requirements, as well as have no remaining disputes that you need to resolve before your divorce can be final. Uncontested divorce may be for you if the following apply to your situation: 

  • You and the other spouse are in agreement on the terms of your financial settlement and property division order. 
  • You are able to draft a divorce settlement on which both parties are in agreement. 
  • Both parties agree on child support, spousal support and other related issues. 
  • If there are children, both parties agree to the custody and visitation schedule set forth in the proposed divorce settlement. 
  • Both parties agree to equitably divide remaining marital debt. 

There are certain benefits associated with an uncontested divorce. This process may take you less time to complete, cost less and bring less stress for both parties versus a contested divorce process. 

Your future is on the line 

The terms of your divorce matter. If you believe that an uncontested divorce is the right approach for your situation, it will be beneficial for both parties to carefully review the terms of the final agreement before signing and moving forward. It may be in your interests to discuss how you can protect yourself and your future with an experienced professional before you make a decision that could impact you long-term.