Navigating the complexity of a joint custody agreement

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most complex aspects of any divorce. Regardless of how amicable a divorce may be, the kids will experience difficulty as their parents end their marriage. In order to reduce the complications your child may face and make his or her post-divorce transition easier, you and your spouse may determine that a joint custody arrangement is best. This type of custody order can provide your child with regular access to both parents and relative continuity of lifestyle.  

Even if you believe that joint custody is the best option for your Oklahoma family, that does not mean that it will be an easy arrangement. You and the other parent will have to work together to provide your kids with a situation that is positive and stable. In order to accomplish this, you may have to set aside temporary emotions and focus on what will be best for the kids. 

Issues you could face while co-parenting 

Co-parenting in any form is difficult, even if you and the other spouse are amicable and committed to working through issues respectfully. Regardless of how committed you are to protecting your kids, it is likely that you will face challenges at some point. The following are tips for navigating any difficulties you could encounter on your co-parenting journey: 

  • Try to separate your feelings from your behavior when dealing with the other parent. 
  • Don’t put your children in the middle of any disagreements. 
  • Establish a system that will allow you to have good communication with the other parent. 
  • Work on having a good relationship with your ex-spouse. 
  • Make it a goal to maintain as much consistency as possible between homes.  
  • Work together when making important decisions for your children. 
  • Have a system in place that will allow you to resolve any disputes that arise. 
  • Have a process for smooth transitions between homes. 

Although it can be challenging, you may find that co-parenting provides you and your children with security, a consistent schedule and a strong foundation for the future. As you consider your custody and visitation options, you may benefit from speaking with a professional regarding the ideal arrangement for your family. An assessment of your specific needs, goals for your children and other factors unique to your situation can provide you with insight regarding the best way forward.